We always follow the guidelines of the Dutch government. All information regarding the coronavirus Entry Pass / EU-DCC is subject to change. Last update: October 15, 2021.

Ticket Procedure

1: Buy a ticket

Tickets are soon available in our Ticketshop.

2: Personalize your ticket

Once you have purchased your ticket, you will receive an email with a link to personalize your ticket(s). Personalization is mandatory and is possible until Saturday, January 29, 21.00 (9 pm). After personalizing, your ticket(s) will be sent to your mailbox on Monday, January 24 (also check your SPAM box). If you have not personalized your tickets, you will not receive them in your mailbox, so make sure you do this on time. If personalization does not work, please contact our ticketing provider Paylogic via their website.

The personalization of your tickets is mandatory by the local authorities so that all visitors can be reached personally at all times. Therefore fill in the correct details of yourself (and your friends), this will be checked at the entrance if the details on the ticket are not correct, access may be denied.

3: Get a valid Coronavirus entry pass!

Every visitor of REACTiVATE 2021 needs to be in the possession of a valid coronavirus entry pass. There are several options to generate a coronavirus entry pass:

Are you fully vaccinated?
If you’re fully vaccinated then you can request a EU Digital Corona Certificate (EU-DCC) in the country you’ve been vaccinated in. Please check the website of this specific country on how to generate the EU-DCC. In the Netherlands, you’re fully vaccinated two weeks after your second vaccination.

Do you have a recovery certificate?
If you have a recovery certificate then you can request an EU Digital Corona Certificate (EU-DCC) in the country you’ve been tested. Please check the website of this specific country on how to generate the EU-DCC.

Testing for Entry
Is it not possible for you to create an EU-DCC with one of the two options explained above? Then you can get a valid coronavirus entry pass with a negative corona test. There are two options for you to get tested:

1: Get tested in your own country
Check out the website of your own government on how to create a valid coronavirus entry pass / EU-DCC with a corona test which is valid in the Netherlands. Please note that your test is not older than 24 hours (when entering the event) and not newer than 2 hours old otherwise, it’s not valid.

2: Get tested in the Netherlands
From two weeks (Saturday 15 janaury) before the event, it is possible to make an appointment for a test via the website of Testing for Entry (Testen voor Toegang). On the website of Testing for Entry you can make an appointment at a test location anywhere in the Netherlands, so choose for example a location near your route or near the event. Choose as activity ‘Event (e.g. festival)’.

The test result is valid for 24 hours. So you must get tested within 24 hours before entering the event. You can get tested up to two hours before the event. In order to minimize the risk, we recommend that you get tested as shortly as possible before the start of the event.

Show up to the designated test location and get tested. If your test result is negative, you need to download the ‘CoronaCheck app’.

► Do you have an Iphone?
Download the CoronaCheck app in the App Store.

► Do you have an Android phone?
Download the CoronaCheck app in the Google Play Store.

► Would you prefer a paper test certificate?
You can do that too, request it here.

In the CoronaCheck app, enter the retrieval code you received along with your negative test result and you’ll receive your valid coronavirus entry pass.

Please note! You are responsible for your own coronavirus entry pass. If you are unable to create a coronavirus entry pass 24 hours before the event, make sure you still can make a test appointment via Testing for Entry.

4: Take to the festival

It is important that you can have the CoronaCheck app (or your paper admission ticket) (or your EU Digital Covid Certificate (DCC)) with the QR code scanned at the entrance. This will be checked together with your ID and entrance ticket at the entrance of the festival, so have these ready.

Without one of these three: ID, coronavirus entry pass as QR code in the CoronaCheck app (or paper entry pass) (or your EU Digital Covid Certificate (DCC)), and your own personalized entry ticket you will not get access to REACTiVATE.

Coronatoegangsbewijs FAQ